The rollercoaster of the first week

So its begun....more training that I have done since my triathlon days probably over 8 years ago!  Its been fun, and painful, and oddly satisfying.  I'm 4 days in, 4 days of riding, body weight excercises, and PLENTY of stretching.  I won't deny that Im looking forward to tomorrow's day off the bike though, im a tad tired!

These are the actual messages I left for my coach, Jess after each session..

"DAY 1 - 1hr Change of Pace Session.  Got lost, couple of map check stops, havent set my HR up yet.  Learnt that riding the MTB on the bitumen is painful, both in ride and on the butt.  Wore old shoes, hot spots on balls of feet.  Legs felt good, capable."

"DAY 2 - 30min time trial.  Should have done it when I was up at 7 instead of going back to bed till 9 and doing it in the heat!  HR sensor needs new battery, but I feel like I'm working at 80% of my legs, not my heart.  Heart could work harder, legs not so much.  Good sweat session, off to pool to cool off!"

"Day 3 - 60min Endurance.  Holy shitballs!  Best ride ever!  Or best ever I can remember!  Went MTB with mate at youies kurrajong.  Wasfeeling v flat before I started (prob due to shit nutrition today) and Ended up on trails I've not done before.  Amazing!!  So fast, so flowy, and throwing in the 6 test spots made it even faster and more fun!  Absolutely buzzing.  Legs are pretty tired now though, and that ride plus an easy hike afterwards has made the ankle pretty unhappy.  At one point I yelled at the top of my lungs "this is living"!! u realise I had fun?  Body Weight excercises.  Did 2 reps again.  Replaced lunges with more squats.  Did bicycle sit-ups properly this time.  This tiny amount of body weight excercises makes me wanna puke!  Think I need to get these and the stretches done first up in the morning, gets them outta way, no excuses and no food in ma belly."

"Day 4 - Hour of Power.  Arrrgh.  Must learn to like discomfort.  This was just uncomfortable keeping at that level +  wind.  It's this kind of riding that makes me want to cry, it gets me emotional.  Combo of 1. This is uncomfortable 2. God I need to keep this up for a long time and 3. I have the tools to feel different about it, but bugger it in just gonna wallow!   So yeah didn't like it much, though a tailwind for part of wY home changed my mood a bit (tho I was fatigued and slower, but that comes with pacing experience I reckon).  After ride feeling...buggered and starving.  Not sure bout awesome, but hey the instructions say awesome, so I'm awesome!  Stretch felt good though."

Dont worry Im not going to just post reports on my training, thats boring...but I would like to read this myself when I'm a gun and I look back to where I started!