Riding a lazy 5,000kms from Canada to Mexico


"I'm not allowed to whinge that I'm tired/cold/dead, and Shane's not allowed to whinge about me being too slow...."

In July 2015, together with my partner at the time, Shane, I set off for Canada with the intention of riding the Great Dividing MTB Route (the same route used in the annual Tour Divide race), with the potential for a bit more.  You know what they say about the best laid plans, well it didn't exactly go to plan, but it was way WAY more life changing than I could ever have imagined.  To this day I still pinch myself that I achieved what I did.  So I thought I'd share some of the journey from our blogs on the trip....so grab a cuppa and get comfy!


October 2015 - Shane's 2 days from Mexico and Richelle's sipping wine in Napa

So I realise now that I totally never got around to writing about the ride from San Francisco to Mexico along the #1 - Big Sur coast road.  So lets just leave it at one word...EPIC!  Do it!

December 2015 - Mexico- the Baja Peninsula...simply amazing



And like that it was all over....and it took me a whole year to do a proper wrap up..here it is, with a lot of honesty!!

December 2016 - No Rainbows and unicorns for the slow chick riding the Great Divide