What Do I Eat on a Bike Tour in Italy?

For someone who loves food, and is a bit fussy about eating what I actually feel like at the time, bike touring throws that all to the wind!  On this European tour, as with others I have done, its all about opportunity, price, and a craving for freshness.  There's a bit of "attempting to try the local cuisine" in there too, but less than you think!  So you want specifics?  Here's some specifics!

Breaky - if I'm in town, or at a campsite that offers fresh bread, then breaky is a fresh bread roll or two, or if I'm lucky, a crossaint (i adore crossaints, plain ones....ill often buy and extra and put it in my pack, they squish down really small too!).  In Germany and Austria, the bread is about the bread, with some amazingly dense, seeded rolls which are delicious, and super filling.  Italy is about the empty white rolls, which I'm less enthused about, but my tube of Vegemite (or some triangles of soft cheese) helps this a bit!  Otherwise, I've been known to eat last nights pizza leftovers for breaky, or a muesli bar or some Tuc crackers.  I eat what's available!


Lunch - I don't often eat lunch, but if I've passed a supermarket or a bakery around that time, ill grab some prosciutto ham (the super thin European amazing ham), and some cheese of some sort, and eat it on the go.  Ill also try to grab and apple, or an orange, something sweet and juicy, and tastes cold without being chilled!

Snacks - during the day i graze on a fruit and nut mix, muesli bars, crackers, dates and fruit.  Cause its been so hot, I don't really have much of an appetite during the day, so eat a whole lot less than i should.  Breaks with shops usually involve sweet cold drinks instead, coke, apple juice and i adore the blood orange San pellingrino.  Oh and sparkling water by the litre!  Cold drinks are the bomb!

DInner.  Dinner is my meal.  After a day on the bike, i want to eat ALL the food, I'm generally starving.  Well so many options.  Often I have been invited to eat with other campers...Ive been fed bratwurst, spaghetti carbonara, nasi goreng, pancakes, roast chicken and plenty of salads.  Where I can, i go to the supermarket, buying meat and something fresh, and i need to be careful not to buy too much (especially given I don't have a way to carry, or keep food cool).  I'm carrying a Jetboil stove, for boiling water, but i have only used it once for soup (though i have emergency dried mashed potato, taco seasoning and a tin of tuna just in case!).  Here's a little video of a pretty normal dinner shop..

Sometimes ill go out for dinner, in Italy particularly, the campsites often have a pizzeria, pizza is cheap (around 7 euros), its huge, and does me for breaky too!  But i have overdone the pizza in the first few days, so ill usually choose pasta instead, just a basic spaghetti with spicy tomato sauce, or if they have gnocchi, ill always choose that, i adore gnocchi!  I'm still waiting to see Gnocchi alla Sorrentino on the menu, my fave by far!  I work on the theory of self catering being cheaper than eating out, but i cant be trusted at the supermarket, so I'm prob better financially eating out!! 

Wine...well when i eat out i generally have a glass of wine.  It's super cheap, the equiv of AUD $2 a glass...its rude not to!  There certainly hasnt really been enough of sitting around drinking wine, for 2 reasons, its not something I'm really comfy with doing alone, and at the end of the day I'm focussed on getting my tent setup, having a shower, and finding food...and then sleeping!!

Oh, and there's always room for gelato.....much less than i had expected, but 3 weeks in, and I'm averaging 2 gelato a week...i need to improve on this i think

As you can see, its all about opportunity, whatever I can get at the time, with a preference for prosciutto where possible!!