What am I carrying on my bike?

Ohh the million dollar question!  So I feel like I have a ton of stuff, but I keep meeting people telling me how light I'm travelling.  Many bike tourers will have front and back paniers (saddle bags), whereas I only have back ones.  I figure that if I have more bags, I will just carry more stuff!!

I'm carrying around 20-22kgs, plus the bike is 16kgs.  That's 38kgs I'm pushing uphill!!!

I'm pretty happy with my gear, theres not a lot of stuff I haven't used (except for repairs stuff, so I'm happy with that!).  I haven't used my windproof jacket (cause it either rains, or is stinking hot, so no in between!) and ive only used the jetboil once.

And in answer to the question "how do you know what to pack?"...I have toured before, from Canada to Mexico, so that gave me a good idea, though this is my first solo trip, so no "sharing" of gear!  It's all up to me!


Ok here's the list:

Pannier (Ortlieb back roller) - Camping Gear

Tent - Mont Moondance EX 3 man tent.  Overkill I know, but its the only tent I have, and I know it works in 3 seasons.  It's around 2.6kgs, and packs down pretty small.  The only issue is the poles are a tad long, and don't really fit anywhere. 

Tent footprint - I haven't used this as yet, as I've had some lovely grassed tent sites. 

Sleeping Mat - Exped Synmat UL - super lightweight and small, and comfy - picture a lilo, but its lined with synthetic down to help keep out the cold.  Not needed for a Euro summer, but again, what I had! It's just under 1kg.

Sleeping Bag - Western Mountaineering Sycamore - I think its a -4 degrees.  Again overkill, but its what i had, and i sleep very cold, so its not too warm even for summer.  It packs down pretty small, I have it in a sea to summit waterproof compression sack to make it as small as possible.  Again just under 1kg

Sea to Summit Reactor liner - this adds an extra 10 degrees to my bag - overkill yes, but it weighs next to nothing!  Ive used it once when I couldn't be bothered setting up the tent a few nights ago! 

Denali Basecamp pillow - a cheapie from anaconda.  Pretty big for a pillow but pillows are important for me!  I put a hole in it on day one, and the duct tape isn't really doing the trick, but it still works haha1

Jetboil 2 cup water stove, with medium gas canister - i only added this at the last minute, and really don't need it, ive only used it once! 

Sea to summit collapsible bowl and cup

Titanium spork


Pannier 2 - Clothes

Brooks Cascadia trail running shoes - packed these for hiking, and i have also used them riding on the hike-a-bike days.  For future tours ill use the half pedals- flat on one side, and clips on the other, so i can use flat shoes too. 

Clothes bag.  2x knicks, 1x jersey, 1x tech shirt (Tough Girl Challenges), 2 x fun singlets, 1 x casual shorts, 1 x long sleeved icebreaker thermal, 1 x iomerino thermal tights, 1 x Curvy Chic running tights, 1 x Curvy Chick bike shorts, 1 x basic black dress, 1 x pink scarf, 1 x buff (Adventure Cycling Assoc), 1 x iomerino earwarmer, 1 x icebreaker beanie, 1 x Altura thermal waterproof trousers, 1x Colombia synthetic down jacket, 1 x Patagonia waterproof shell, bikini (haven't worn it yet, i always swim in my Knicks after a day on the bike!), 5 x modibodi sweat proof undies, 3x bras, 4 x socks (2 are icebreaker), full fingered gloves, short fingered gloves. 


Rack top bag - Sea to Summit 20L dry bag

Osprey Talon 33L hiking backpack - this has been great for day trips and shopping trips

Adventurer ultralight camp chair - this was a last minute luxury, and I'm so glad I did, I've used it everyday i have camped.  It's basically an Aldi ripoff of the expensive Helinox chair, awesome investment for $30!  It weighs under 1kg too.  Sure beats the full camp chairs i see some bike tourers carrying!

Tent Poles - this is th only place they can get squeezed in, not idea, but it works

First aid kit


Emergency food - instant mash potato, tuna, chocolate haha! 


Front Bag - Axiom Barkeep - this comes everywhere with me, as it has a quick release. 

ipad + keyboard

Battery pack - TPLink 1500

4 input USB wall charger

Garmin Fenix 3

charging cords

Bluetooth speaker


Waterproof cover

Via Claudia Augusta guidebook

Venice to Munich guidebook


Bike lights

Swiss Army knife

Snacks (bars, squished crossaints, haribo sweets) 




Money, passport 


Banjo Bros Half Frame Bag - Large

Denali toiletries bag as a spares bag

2 x spare tubes


Duct tape

Cable Ties

Patch kit


2 x Co2 cannisters



Torque wrench thingy

helmet mounted mirror



1 x camelback insulated 700ml bottle - this is mounted on my awesome new bottle mount attached to my Headset cap

1 x la sportiva 700ml water bottle in standard mount (only attached by 1 braze on, and a cable tie, as space is at a premium because of the frame bag. 

1 x 1L Naglene bottle, hanging from back pannier, for extra water if needed

Surfcoast Trail Marathon trucker cap hanging from back pannier, or on my head! 

Shimano SH-WM34G SPD MTB shoes - great for riding, and for hike a bike, though I need shorted cleat screws, these are digging in!