-Our inner psyche can stifle us or allow us to be magnificent. You let the stifle come and sniff your heels and then you chose to rise.-.png

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Lets start at the start, a bit about me, I am a Level 1 cycling coach, have been for 9 years now, I coach mountain bikers, road cyclists, long distance endurance riders and shorter cross country or crit racers as well.
All of my adventurers are "real people" with a work/life/family/health balance focus regardless of their goals.
I work really really strongly on enabling quality of life in every facet so that becoming a better cyclist remains a passion and never a chore.

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A reminder on How I work:
I really REALLY subscribe to getting to know you from how your life demands impact you through to other pursuits and how you handle stress etc.
Without understanding how you tick I am just hypothesising about a perfect client doing a perfect program each week...and in reality this is not life.
Its a kind of simple concept to choose a key event to do or a goal point, then ride lots in the hope you have done so many hours on the bike you can't fail!
Initially this works wonders but as the world opens up opportunities of what might be possible the requirements to improve just cannot come from increasing your workload, it must come from the 1%'ers you are currently 'not' doing.
You've probably heard it before, work smarter not harder.
Adding core and strength work as well as other activity is also a priority.

The big thing that is often never taken into account is mental well being & emotional health.
Big Km's can bog you down and by the time the key event comes around, you don't even want to see your bike!
Improving your riding and still LOVING it is really important in the adult world of responsibilities, work life balance etc...
You can make a difference, given structure and purpose with small changes rather than large ones.


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I use Training peaks with my clients.  
Its an online web based program, won’t cost you anything but you need to be ok with using it, its easy!
It allows me to communicate the programming online and we can change days and programs around really easily.
I also need your input with uploading your data after each workout if possible, I can then see how your are handling the training as we need to account for this, it all adds up to a daily/ weekly Training stress score.

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I absolutely subscribe to regular contact. In fact its essential.
Email, gmail chat, Facebook chat, Skype video/phone hookups, whatever you need to get the job done, everyone is different....as well as time to time face to face meetings.
I also like to get you to do a weekly overview of how "life" went.
Life is everything, what needs work, what do we need to back off on? all that can be nipped in the bud if you acknowledge the good and the bad about training.

Programs, now dependent on how you like to work I deliver at least 1-2 weeks in advance but with regular contact this can often and does often change and thats ok.
I work with clients over Australia and also New Zealand. Social media, Skype and cloud based Training Peaks works a treat for staying in contact but lucky for us both we can catch up many times during the week anyway, over a ride even when you are all good to go.

I like to know if you have any key event/s on the radar (these do not have to be races, they could be future benchmarks you wish to reach) and work back from there to fill the gaps in to get you to your goal with lots of A, B & C plans and will give you an overview of how this will happen.  We can even work on these together if you are unsure what to plan for.

You just need to let me know what equipment you have and use.(including any weights or bike ergos, power meter etc...)  

What other life things you need to fit in to a weekly schedule.
What might have worked for you in the past, what absolutely cannot and wont change.
Once we get all the paper work done, a start date and a program up. 

Here is one of my favourite sayings:

The Best Time To Plant a Tree was 20 Years ago.
...The Next Best Time Is NOW!

This package is $190 a month. Which I invoice in advance once program is ready to go.

All you need to do is let me know when you would like to catch up and get started.